IASD Writers’ Lives

A Work in Progress as our authors provide articles about personal aspects of their craft; how they started, their process, routine, inspiration and hitting the doldrums.

In other words, why they write, where they write, what they write, how they write, how they deal with ‘writer’s block’ and if we’re lucky … a few other relevant facts about their individual ‘writer’s life’.

The articles will not be author bio pieces but a down to earth look at what it means to different people to spend much of their time in a world of their own creating other worlds.

Please peruse the ‘Writers’ Lives’ articles on the menu and enjoy the insights our authors have provided.


10 responses to “IASD Writers’ Lives

  1. Posted on behalf of Dale Cee:
    ‘Sounds so good, Tom. 🙂 These experienced, published writers will through their knowledge and experiences answer some of my many questions as I move toward finishing my first novel. You have been busy! Thanks.’

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