Featured Author

January – 2018

Lesley Hayes lives in the university city of Oxford, UK, where she derives much of the inspiration for her books. As well as writing fiction she has practiced for over 20 years as an integrative psychotherapist, and the complex contradictions of our humanity is a prevailing theme in her books.

She has published six novels, all of which are available on Amazon, published on Kindle and in paperback, along with five collections of her short stories, many of which were previously broadcast on BBC Radio Oxford:

‘Oxford Marmalade’, ‘The Oscar Dossier’ on Kindle, and ‘Through a Glass Darkly’, which is a paperback compilation of the stories published on Kindle in ‘Without a Safety Net’, and ‘Not Like Other People’.

You can discover more about her and her life, and the muse that drives her writing by visiting her website: www.leseyhayes.co.uk

and reading her blog:



The Drowned Phoenician Sailor – Literary Fiction (‘psychological drama’)

A Field Beyond Time – Literary Fiction (‘psychological drama’)

Round Robin – Literary Fiction (‘psychological drama’)

Dangerous People – Literary Fiction (‘psychological drama’)

The Other Twin – Literary Fiction (‘psychological drama’)

The Girl He Left Behind – Literary Fiction (‘psychological drama’)

Short Story collections

Not Like Other People – Short Stories 

Without a Safety Net  – Short Stories 

The Oscar Dossier – Short Stories

Oxford Marmalade – Short Stories

Through a Glass Darkly – Short Stories 

(Paperback: collation of Not Like Other People and Without a Safety Net)