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Barbara Fagan Speake was born and brought up in Connecticut, on the eastern seaboard of the USA. She moved to the UK in 1972 following her marriage and had a varied career as a research psychologist, clinical psychologist and senior manager in the NHS. A previous author of non-fiction books, she turned her attention to fiction writing in 2001. Barbara creates her characters from both the US and the UK and draws on her experiences of both countries as well as on her professional background. A fictional city in Connecticut, Westford, is the setting for her standalone debut novel, Secrets Only Sleep (2005). She continued to use the setting for the novels in her Scottish Detective Annie Macpherson series: Primed by the Past (2011), Programmed to Kill (2012), Past Deception (2014) and Scared to Tell (2015). She has a Facebook Writer page and a website at 

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Shades of Crime: Dark and Light

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Secrets Only Sleep

Crime Thriller – Featuring Detective Annie Macpherson

Primed by the Past

Programmed to Kill

Past Deception

Scared to Tell

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Committed to Revenge

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