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October 2017

Susan’s love of stories began before she could read or write. Her earliest childhood memories are of a make believe game she played with her sister, creating epic stories on the spur of the moment, inspired by a picture chosen at random, from a National Geographic magazine. An avid reader, a book is never far from Susan’s hand and every spare moment is spent with her nose in a book or writing her next novel. She loves to bring new worlds and fantasy adventures to young adults and inspire them to join her on her make believe journeys.


Soul Survivor (The Spirit Shield Prequel) 

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Seer of Souls

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Soul Sanctuary

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Soul Sacrifce

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The Spirit Shield Saga (Complete Collection)

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Heart of Destiny (Book 1 of The Heart of the Citadel)

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Susan also writes under the pen name E.A. Darl
in collaboration with Sylva Fae and Judith Docken.
The team is responsible for:
Stealing Silence (Book 1 of The Silent Lands Chronicles) 

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