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APRIL 2019

Julia can’t remember a time when she didn’t think up stories; as a young child, she even made them up about her bedroom wallpaper. And her toes. From the moment she could talk, she told stories (her dad used to call her a mythomaniac), and from the moment she could read, she devoured them. Now she gets to write them and can’t quite believe she hasn’t made that up, too.

The best job Julia ever had was as a Learning Support Assistant in a mainstream secondary school where she worked with students who had a variety of additional needs, mainly ASD. For many years before that, she worked in a variety of education-related roles, including as a teacher. The worst job she ever had was cleaning toilets at a campsite during one of the hottest summers on record.

When she’s not writing, dreaming up stories or reading someone else’s, she loves nothing more than spending time with her family and friends. She lives in Cumbria with her husband and they have two grown-up children.

Since December 2018, Julia has been represented by Hannah Sheppard, DHH Literary Agency. Julia is currently working on an MG novel and her first novel for adults.

Self-published YA books:

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Strong as Death


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Strong as Death


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