Featured Author

March 2017

Millie Slavidou was born in Wales and emigrated to Greece at the age of 23, where she studied Greek language and linguistics and worked in translation. Millie often says that although she loves the green hills of her homeland, she much prefers the climate of the Mediterranean.

Millie has always written, whether stories, poems or articles, but she first started in earnest when she realised that she wanted something for her children to read: stories that were fun, adventurous and inspired them to read more. She decided to write what they wanted to read. lemon-tree

Building on her experiences of what the children enjoyed most from those early stories, Millie joined forces with Jump! Mag, an online magazine for pre-teens, and wrote an adventure and mystery tale. She wanted to combine the elements of history and different cultures with a thoroughly modern, smart-phone savvy teen that would appeal to young readers. This developed into her first book: The Olympias Clue, which was quickly followed by the others in the Instaexplorer series: Dragon’s Rock, Carnival in Germany and Christmas in Greece. Later, she published a non-fiction title to assist primary-school children: Grammar for Parents and Teachers. Millie also blogs about etymology, or word-origins, which is also the subject of the book she is currently working on.


Genre: Middle grade/ pre-teen fiction

Series: Lucy Evans, Instaexplorer.

 The Olympias Clue

 Dragon’s Rock

 Carnival in Germany

 Christmas in Greece

Genre: Non-fiction

ebook only: Grammar for Parents and Teachers