Featured Author

January 2019

On behalf of the group Admin, I’d like to wish everybody a happy, productive and successful new writing year.

Our top spot this month is dedicated to highlighting all members of the group, celebrating three years since we established this, our online home. In autumn 2015 our founder, Paul Ruddock handed over his review website, allowing conversion to become a hub for all things IASD.

In December 2015, while the final adjustments were being made to the website our first Featured Author was Patrick ‘Max’ Power. A variety of methods have been used to fairly choose our monthly featured author since that time. There is no immediate plan to change the method and format but I thought it appropriate to celebrate our teamwork and camaraderie now.

A massive vote of thanks is due to the clever and industrious Melanie Smith for the production and maintenance of our group brochure. If you’re not already listed in the brochure, list your name and website/blog on the Facebook thread below this FA header. The task of being added to the brochure with the listings of your books is time-consuming, so please remember it is being undertaken by one person—who also happens to be producing books herself.

If you haven’t had a look around this site and the brochure, why not do so now and you’ll see why we’re proud to be associated with the IASD group.