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Anthony Randall started writing songs at the tender age of seventeen, penning hundreds of tunes and recording with many bands, a hobby that he still enjoys. Not an avid reader in his youth, he hadn’t seriously read a novel at all until he was introduced to Robert A. Heinlein’s ‘Time Enough for Love’ when he was thirty-years-old. From then on he hasn’t stopped, sometimes having three books on the go at one time. As he says “I am definitely a late bloomer.”

Tempted into book writing by his dyslexic co-author Doug Goddard back in 2002, Doug originally asked Anthony to first decipher his scrawl, and then to correct his spelling in order to turn his story into a book. Anthony realized instantly the lack of content in Doug’s writing and proposed that they write together, Doug’s stories–Anthony’s words. He believes the synergy works well.

The analogy given of the partnership is of Doug producing a pencil sketch and Anthony transforming it into an oil painting.

They have published two novels in The English Sombrero series to date; both are available in e-book and paperback format. The third book, ‘Choice’, is under construction, as is a new title, a thriller, called ‘The Tip of the Teaspoon’. Anthony is working on a novel called ‘Tales of Tucson‘.

Anthony has also penned two short stories; one published in the IASD anthology ‘You’re Not Alone, titled ‘Colin and Sandy’. The second tale is to be published in the next IASD collection.

WARNING: These books contain foul language, violent scenes, sexual references and nudity.

Do not buy if you are easily amused; it could prove fatal. 










‘You’re not alone’ an anthology of short stories based on relationships by 28 indie authors including ‘Colin and Sandy’ by yours truly. #‎YNR2015 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Youre-Not-Alone-Author-Anthology-ebook/dp/B00Y5RCOOE. Also available in paperback, all profits going to the Macmillan Cancer Support Fund. Get involved people–provide some care.