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writingmagazine6Writing Magazine is a UK based publication aimed at both indie authors and those seeking to go down the traditional publishing route, but one which might well prove useful to a wider international readership. Within its pages the reader will find featured short stories from competion winners, author interviews, ‘How To’ guides, information on creative writing competions and courses, and a host of other resources and author services too numerous to mention.

Writing Magazine is available in print format along with an online version at their website …


thewriterThe Writer is a similar magazine to the UK’s Writing Magazine featured above with many of the same features and advice but obviously with a US slant/bias to it.

The Writer is available in both print format and digital formats for download to Android, Ipad, Kindle, and other reading devices.

Founded in 1887, The Writer magazine is one of the the US’s oldest and longest running magazines about the craft of writing.


An author faces ever-increasing expectations in today’s book market. In order to give you and your book/s the best possible success, Aimee Bell at Author Design Studio takes on that well known cliché, that books really are judged by their covers.

Professional, audience-targeted design and branding is critical to an author’s promotional success, and this is where I lend a helping hand. Professional author website design, book and ebook cover design are just the beginning. Working with many professionals in the industry, we provide a variety of services to help an author’s valuable visibility online.

Beyond The Law - the cover 2904  pr2

“I first met Aimee Bell at a self-Publishing conference hosted by Troubador Publishing. Not being particularly technically minded, I had Aimee design a bespoke author website along with an eBook and print cover for my soon to be published short story collection. She took on board all my ideas and suggestions yet was confident and professional enough to suggest what was and wasn’t practical, what in her experience worked best, and generally took care of all the technical aspects. I was consulted on and kept up to date on every stage of my cover and website development; in addition to liaising with me, Aimee also kept in constant contact with my publishers, Matador, and made the whole process as easy as possible. I’m absolutely delighted with the results, and now have an author website and ebook cover I can be proud of…I just hope my writing can do them justice now”  

P.A. Ruddock, author of:    Not what You Thought? and other surprises…


6 responses to “Resources for Writers

  1. A superb blog post Paul, which I believe you’ve produced and targeted at an ideal time to a growing audience of Indie authors. As I suggested on a recent Facebook post and you have emphasised here, the sight of a professional book cover and a similarly produced website combine, to make a considerable and positive difference to an author’s brand. I believe it demonstrates that the author believes in and is prepared to support their own brand financially.
    As an aside, I’d like to thank you for including one of my covers in your intro graphic and it supports your article.
    ‘Beyond The Law’ was the first cover redesigned for me by Aimee Bell – and my sales figures increased within a week. It paid for itself within a few weeks. Aimee has now designed four of my covers.

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  2. Thanks for that Tom. I thought the three very different styles of cover would show Aimee’s versatility there, and your mention of increased sales following your cover update goes a long way to validating the importance of a professional approach to self-publishing…


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