The Lunch Hour – Book Review

One of the funniest books I’ve read this year… perfect for a BBC comic drama… Reblogged from my personal website.

This is a book that came to my attention by way of personal recommendation from fellow bloggers and members of the Indie Author Review Exchange Group. Carl Jones is also the author of a non-fiction book, Essays on Popular History, a link to which follows at the end…


Further links to Carl Jones and his writing can be found via:



The Lunch Hour

By Carl Jones

(Available from Amazon Kindle)


carljones1The reader will find here a setting and host of characters that the vast majority of anyone who has ever experienced the conversation and banter of a workplace canteen or staff room will immediately recognise. Amid the bleak and often depressing perception of an unfulfilling job and workplace, we get a glimpse of how the different characters deal with the day to day drudgery, and with one another…

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