Upgrading to 3D covers in Genres has begun

ian good pic 2 A very good day to you, esteemed, talented, overworked and underpaid scribes of the IASD.

Just a quick update on the progress of the 3D cover upgrades… WORK HAS BEGUN!!

Yup, yours truly figured it out and has been playing about in the children’s section – well, I figured I could, since it was almost 2am and nobody was watching!! I’ll be working my way through the massive back-catalogue as fast as my ancient HP will allow so please be patient. There is no order, save for the random logic that enters my half empty head but I will get to them all in time.

Don’t worry about having images, I think I fixed that issue but time will tell. If your book is listed on Amazon kindle, that’s the link that will be used, embedded in each image. I have also taken the decision to place the book titles below the images. The 3D version can make the titles hard to read, depending upon each cover at thumbnail size.

Finally, a big well done so far to fellow admin Tom Benson who has performed miracles to get the site looking this way. Many hours of work, I should wager, have gone into it so far with many more to come. Paul has also been busy adding new members titles so please tip your hat his way if you’re new to the fold. The site remains an ongoing project so don’t forget to make your suggestions for further improvements. I’m hopeful to get the writers resources page packed out with tips and hints in the near future too.

That’s me signing off for now, great day to you all wherever you may be.

4 responses to “Upgrading to 3D covers in Genres has begun

  1. Great work Ian – Penny’s are looking smart. Agree with the addition of the titles underneath. The combination really works. Looking forward to a certain stable of books getting a makeover. 🙂

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