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Tom Benson

Tom Benson

Hello everybody and welcome to the latest update from the hotbed of activity known as the IASD website. While Ian is having a well-earned rest on a bed of nails next door, I’m sitting in a large comfy chair being tended to by a bevy of … oops sorry, I must have dozed off.


This is an idea – not something set in stone.
The genre options I am suggesting are almost as I first listed them with a few slight changes.


1.  Mystery / Suspense / Thriller will go together. (Crime will not be listed but is included).
(My own books for example are in those three categories and all include crime in some form).

2.  Romance and Historical Romance will be separate genre.

3.  Contemporary is included – an option that several authors might like, and it’s popular.

4. Paranormal, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Historical Fiction will all be separate genre, but each one will have Fantasy added alongside, which will help those who write Fantasy and believe their work fits well with one of those other mainstream genre. If there is a need, we can introduce Fantasy in its own right, but from what I’ve seen and read, it is generally associated with another genre.


For the time being, please don’t worry about where your work is on the website right now.
What I’d like everybody to do, is take a look at the following list and then do two things:

1.  Work out which category your work falls under. There is no need to do anything else, as long as you are happy you know you belong to at least one genre.

If your work belongs to more than one, then you are a ‘multi-genre’ author. (Like me)

2.  If you don’t see a genre where your work fits in, or there is some other issue with the list, then we need you to speak up.

If that is the case you have to take action – leave me a message on our Facebook group, or comment here at this post.


My intention is to use the feedback from this post to create the definitive list of genre for the website, so instead of playing around again at a later date – I’d like to get some of the menus amended.

This will not interfere with the work Ian and Paul are doing.

Mystery / Suspense / Thriller  –  Romance  –  Historical Romance  –  Contemporary  –  Paranormal / Fantasy  –   Sci-Fi / Fantasy  –  Historical Fiction /Fantasy  –  Horror / Fantasy  –  Action / Adventure  – Military  –  Literary  –  Humour  –  Adult (Erotica etc)  –   Young Adult  –  Children  –  Non-fiction  –  Poetry  –  Short Stories / Novellas  –  Multi –genre (more than one type of book)  –  Unclassified


If we don’t count Multi-genre or Unclassified (because they’re author-related), then that leaves us with an even 18 genres, which I reckon will split nicely into three groups of six for the main menu.

I hope that is all clear enough. To allow everybody to see this post I will place the link on the Facebook page over the next couple of days.

If you’d like to leave a comment here, or on the FB site you’re welcome – communication is a two-way thing. If there is an issue in any respect, please get in touch with one of the three of us who are working through the restructuring process.

Thank you as always for your attention and patience.

Before I go, three cheers for 3D man Ian … hip hip … hip hip … hip hip ...



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  1. Hi Julia. Yes, I used them to help make the genre stand out, but it won’t work in the real menu on the website. The system would probably need to be tweaked to make it happen, and even then, I know some might like it, but many wouldn’t.

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