Upgrade – Update

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Ian D Moore

Good day everyone, I trust I find you all well?

You’ll notice the upgrade work is moving along nicely now and I have almost completed the first full genre update to 3D covers – that being Genre 1. For those of you who would like copies of your covers in enhanced 3D, do please let me know via the Facebook group page and I will see to it that you get them. Just as a pre-emptive measure, it might be worth you guys finding out how to get the universal links to your books and having them to hand. The next task after the 3D upgrade for me is to change all of the links on the books to universal. This will give the authors a greater audience across the globe to any of our international readers. Makes the sales flow more smoothly.

As you know, Tom Benson is busy working away fine tuning the genres as we speak, please bear with us during this time and we will address each concern either immediately or as soon as we possibly can. I would once more ask that we refrain from adding new members, just until the end of December, to allow us to facilitate the upgrade work with the guys and gals that we have already. It is a lot to co-ordinate and get done to a high standard. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. Aside from that the results are beginning to show through now, some fine looking books for your perusal, some of which now grace my personal library. (happy me)

All that remains is for me to wish each end every one of you a sterling weekend… Ian

7 responses to “Upgrade – Update

  1. This is a truly herculean task. If I wore a hat, it would be doffed. Just one question – what is a universal link? (See what you’re dealing with here? …)

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    • Julia it is possible to get ‘UNIVERSAL LINK’ generated for your book. What it means it that anyone, in any country can click on that link to be taken to the Amazon site in their country without having to go and search for it from a ‘foreign’ amazon location. It simply helps the buying process to limit the amount of clicks a reader must make to get to buy your book/s. If you google universal book link generator, you should come up with some answers 🙂

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  2. You are doing great work here, Ian, and I very much appreciate it. I know all the time and effort you must be putting in, on top of long hours and hard work at your day job. I hope you’re getting enough time for you in all this. 🙂

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