9 responses to “In the picture – 6

  1. You guys are doing a fantastic job. This is a massive undertaking and you are dealing with it very professionally. I like the updates…very clear with specific calls to action.

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    • Hello, and thank you Silas. As I said to Julia above, it’s teamwork. I believe the updates are the way to go, so the membership knows we haven’t lost sight of our role in the background.
      The more support and feedback we receive from the group, the better we can serve. 🙂


    • Hello Nicholas and thank you for your comments and offer of help.
      I apologise for the delayed response. I’ve now got a fresh copy of the new logo idea and I’m playing around to try to produce a transparent background – so I may be taking you up on your offer. I’ll have another go at it.
      In the meantime, I’ve now got you listed in the Author Contact -3 menu – and thanks for your info. 🙂

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  2. Wonderful job! I’m trying to make a judgement call on whether I’m multi-genre. My first four books were definitely romance, but my new on Twe12ve is more sci-fi? The new one I’m writing is also sci-fi (with some romance.) So perhaps I’m not multi-genre? (ps Copper and Copper to Red have the old covers on, should I send some thumbnails to help, or they could just be left as I know you have loads of work to do.) Thanks, Ceri 🙂

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    • Hi Ceri. Thank you for doing exactly what I’d like our members to do. Different books in different genres makes you a multi-genre author my friend. I’ll get to it and move your details accordingly.:)


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