IASD Update 1 – 2017

Tom Benson

Tom Benson

February of the new year and we’re all busy with our individual projects, but I would ask you to keep our group, its aims and our members close to your heart.

On this occasion I’ll write (briefly) about choosing Featured Authors, our Website/Blog, and our Indie anthologies.

Featured Author

We’ve tried different methods of choosing the authors for this desirable position on our website and as a pinned post on our Facebook page. I believe the latest is the fairest so far as our numbers increase.

Each month I will note the names each day of all members who are active on the Facebook page, whether as a ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’.

At the end of the month I’ll enter the list into the randomiser – minus any author who has already held the FA position. I prioritise and contact authors until I have an acceptance. This month our FA is Angela Lockwood.

IASD website/blog


Paul Ruddock

From the early conversion of Paul Ruddock’s website/blog idea, our site has evolved with the input of our members. The admin team continue to work to develop and improve what is seen by visitors.

The menu has been reduced by removing the ‘Genre’ sub-menus. These were unnecessary – due to having the Authors sub-menu which features the incredible brochures produced by Melanie P Smith.

Melanie P Smith

Melanie P Smith

Our aim is to maintain an interesting and productive website for members and visitors alike, but it must also be ‘responsive’. We’ve removed the 3D covers, but we will retain them within the media library – they are not lost. Ian put a lot of work into those covers.

We will also continue with the ‘Slideshow’ feature which is eye-catching, and a continual interest to any visitor.

IASD Anthologies

You're Not Alone - Ian D MooreThe group has produced two anthologies; You’re Not Alone: An Indie Anthology, and Holes: An Indie Author Anthology. We plan to create more and the development requires work from the liaison author, but also support from other members.Holes Anthology - IASD

Updates will be forthcoming from the liaison authors. As a reminder we aim to produce:


Ian D Moore

Another charity title to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Our man Ian D Moore will be taking the helm, and will provide updates.


RL Andrew

A Horror anthology of short stories is proposed for October publication. Our liaison is RL Andrew (Robyn).


Sylva Fae

A Children’s anthology is being organised by Sylva Fae. In this case we are including artwork as well as text – keeping in mind how much children enjoy illustration with a story.

For anthologies to prove successful, please bear in mind, all the liaison authors will appreciate support.

It would be a wonderful accomplishment to see all of our ongoing anthologies produced in 2017. For those who’ve never considered being a part of a multi-author collection – an anthology is a good platform for any author.


We have close to 2,900 followers of our IASD blog/website which is a positive reflection on our members and our work. Whether you are relatively new, or a long-standing member it matters not – please take a look around our site.

As always, I thank you for being one of our wonderful group of authors. If you want to express your views on any aspect of the group’s activities please do.



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