First Chapters

This sub-menu will be used to feature work by the members of the IASD.

Although the heading is First Chapters, to offer maximum inclusivity the piece may be a first chapter, a short story, a poem, an article, or other representative work.

Each submission will contain the appropriate text, a book cover, and a link selected by the author in question. To offer a wider choice of target location, the cover will be linked to where the book can be bought (i.e. Amazon). The link following the chapter might be the author’s website, their blog, Amazon page, social media page or another.

To allow browsing of the IASD site, in this section, when you click on the book cover or the link after the chapter, they will open in new tabs.

We hope you enjoy what you find here and feel the urge to follow-up on whatever you’ve sampled.

Tom Benson, on behalf of the IASD.

You can now hover over First Chapters on the menu and locate examples of our writing.


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