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By Penny Luker


 By Charity Tober 

Roly-Poly Monster Goes To The Zoo - Charity Tober.png

Roly Poly Monster Goes To The Zoo

Roly Poly Monster - Charity Tober

Roly Poly Monster


G.A. Whitmore



By Robin Chambers



By John M.W. Smith


By Rebecca Lloyd

Halfling - Rebecca Lloyd.png

Halfling (Paperback Only)


By Ruthz SB


By Denise McCabe

Denise McCabe’s Amazon author page:

Gubble Bubble - Denise McCabe.png

Gubble Bubble Kingdom

Clutter Land - Denise McCabe

Sample of Clutter Land

The Adventures of Joey - Denise McCabe

The Adventures of Joey


By Brenda Mohammed

Brenda Mohammed’s Amazon Author page:


By Katharine E. Hamilton

Katharine E. Hamilton’s Amazon Author page:

Sissy and Kat - Katharine E Hamilton.png

Sissy and Kat

Susie At Your Service - Katharine E Hamilton .png

Susie At Your Service



By Jackie Mae

Jackie Mae’s Amazon Author page:


By Suzanne Downes


By Nicolas Rossis

Nicolas Rossis’ Amazon Author page:

Nicolas Rossis’ Blogsite

Runaway Smile - Nicholas C Rossis.png

Runaway Smile


      By Millie Slavidou

Visit Millie’s Amazon Page

Christmas in Greece - Millie Slavidou

No Sample Currently Available


By Pat Ahern

Visit Pat’s Amazon Page


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