Memoir / Biography

Where possible, individual book covers are linked to the author’s website or blog.
If you hover your cursor over a cover
there will be an indication of the link at the bottom of your screen.
As we are an international group, this will allow those browsing the titles to have more than one option for purchase.
Thank you.


By Lucinda E. Clarke


By Brenda Mohammed

Brenda Mohammed’s Amazon Author page:

View Trailer for My Life As A Banker

View Trailer for Retirement is Fun

4 responses to “Memoir / Biography

  1. Hi Tom, “Memoirs of Dr Andrew Moonir Khan” should be included here. It is the Biography of my father. Also , “Retirement is Fun” is a sequel to “My Life is a Banker” and should be included under Memoirs/Non=Fiction. Sorry to give you so much trouble. Thanks again for all your time and effort and the fantastic job that you did/are still doing in this group. The covers are awesome. I love them.


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