Rita Lee Chapman

It was a holiday in Egypt which inspired me to write my first book in the Anna Davies Mystery series, Missing in Egypt. What better place to set a mystery?  Egypt is a country unlike any other and the Valley of the Kings is a place of eerie peace.  It is both unsettling and mystical.


It can be very hard to know what to write about for your first book – there are so many possibilities!  That was when my recent holiday in Egypt provided the inspiration.

I have now written six books, three in the series, two separate crime mysteries and a book for horse lovers.  Although I had enjoyed writing throughout my life and had started a couple of novels, it was not until I retired that I finally wrote seriously.  

I love to travel, so other countries often feature in my books.  This photo (above) of me was taken in Agatha Christie’s editing chair in her summer home, Greenway in England.  My website includes photos from my latest holiday.  At the moment they are from New Zealand.  Also on the website, I interview a different author each week, which makes for some fascinating stories!

Writing is a learning curve – from improving your writing skills to editing, formatting and marketing.  Most writers find marketing the hardest skill to try to master and like most authors, I’d rather be working on a new book.

When I hit writer’s block I find that going for a walk or a swim often helps.  Concentrating on the activity can clear the inspirational wavelengths!  If not, I leave my mind to sort it out in its own good time and often this can take several days.  

When it comes to writing I’m a morning person.  Well, actually, I’m a morning person full stop.  I’m also more inclined to write if it’s raining, but that doesn’t happen very often here on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland so I have to make myself write even when the beautiful weather is beckoning.  My husband and I enjoy walking the beach or alongside the river or lake.  We also play tennis, swim and socialise a lot.  Our friends are all good cooks so we enjoy some wonderful meals as well as their company.

Author Website: www.ritaleechapman.com

One response to “Rita Lee Chapman

  1. What fun to sit in Agatha Christie’s chair. When I was younger, I devoured her books — both the mysteries and the ones she wrote under the name of Mary Westmacott (I think). She was one of my favorite authors. 🙂


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