Reader Competition 3

Featuring the works of ERIC LAHTI

Competition Start Date 03/04/16

Competition Closing Date 03/05/16

Welcome to the third IASD Reader/Writer Competition.

This month, it gives me great pleasure to feature ERIC LAHTI in our monthly competition. Eric is kindly offering  copies of ALL of his books to lucky winners. First prize will be in paperback. For more information on Eric Lahti’s books, click the highlighted sections of this post.

There are FOUR prizes up for grabs in the month of March, kindly donated by Max Power.

First Prize: Signed Paperback of Henchmen

Second Prize: Ebook (sent to kindle/app) Arise

Third Prize: Ebook (sent to kindle/app) The Clock Man and other Stories

see below for details and previews of each title.

To find the answers, simply search the blog, read the sample under each title and enter below. Good Luck!!


Signed Paperback Copy

Henchmen - Eric Lahti Join a small organization of loveable bad guys: a super-villain and her henchmen. Eve, the seven-foot-tall, bulletproof blonde is their leader. Frank and Jean are a couple that can get into any computer or building unseen. Jacob is a rough-around-the-edges biker type that has a deep and abiding love of guns and explosives. And Steven? Well, he’s really good at manipulating people and pretty handy to have around in a fight. As supervillainy goes, they’re just starting out. They don’t have much of a secret base. They don’t have matching uniforms. Not a one of them owns a single pair of tights. What they do have is an interest in tearing down the country and watching it burn.


Arise - Eric Lahti

Steven was having a pretty good time for a guy who helped release a captured god. He had a nice place in Colorado, a pretty girl sent him a picture of herself in a bikini, and he had neighbors that left him alone. Everything was looking pretty good until he woke up to find two people in his house that were planning on killing him; one was an old coworker and the other was an old boss.

It seems that releasing the God of Dreams caused some ripples in places best left alone and Eve’s atonement was to kill Steven for his part in the transgression. Wilford wanted to kill Steven because that’s just how Wilford is. They all soon find themselves trapped between a runaway God of Dreams bent on expanding his domain and the personification of Fear. If one doesn’t get them, the other will.

The only solution is to get the gang back together again and find something that can stop at least one, but preferably both gods before the world comes crashing down around them. They’ve got more help this time, though; Wilford is tentatively on their side and a mysterious Native American gentleman has offered some assistance, but just how trustworthy the new allies are remains to be seen.

There’s also one more wrinkle for Steven to sort out: The God of Dreams wants his girl.

From a shootout in Tijuana to a strange base in Dulce, New Mexico, Steven has his hands full just trying to stay ahead of the god that wants him dead, the girl he’s finding himself more and more smitten with, and new allies that may or may not be up to any good.



The Clockman and Other Stories - Eric Lahti

Eight brand new tales of magic, mystery, horror and just plain mayhem. From the dusty shelves of a forgotten gas station to a graffiti tagged alleyway on another planet come a series of quests, epic battles, and good old fashioned mysteries interlaced with the paranormal.

The Clock Man and Other Stories shows the world as seen through the eyes of the bogeyman, a talking gun that knows far too much, and a man eating a fried tarantula. Read it with a friend or read it alone, but be sure to leave a light on.



For a chance to win one of these BOOKS, simply answer the following questions and click the blue “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

All correct entries will be placed into a hat and the winners will be drawn at random. Winning entries will be contacted by email to arrange delivery of your prizes within 14 days of the date of closing of the competition. Good Luck!!