Marketing Tips

Damn it, Jim, we’re authors not marketers.

Like Bones from the original Star Trek, paraphrased above, indie authors are forced to do things we’re not trained to do when we join the landing party of indie publishers. Sure, some writers might enjoy marketing and may even be good at it. But most of us just want to write, so when it comes to marketing our work, we’re the red shirts in the group.

The following links are for those of us who have no idea how to promote our work but want to survive the alien landscape that is marketing.

Scroll down for the section on Reviews. It deserves its own special place, and I’ll try to keep the article links current for the latest on Amazon’s rules.

GDPR — New Privacy Policy Rules

I’m putting this first because it’s new and frustrating and we have to have it on our websites.

GDPR — Build Your Own Privacy Notice — this is a free template.

GDPR for Authors, Part I — from Advanced Fiction Writing

GDPR for Authors, Part II — from Advanced Fiction Writing

GDPR for Authors, Part III — from Advanced Fiction Writing

SPF-117: GDPR — What Authors Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress and GDPR Compliance

BookBub Marketing Tips

8 Book Description A/B Tests You Need to See

10 ideas for getting more BookBub followers

How to get a Bookbub promotion

How to write attention-grabbing promo copy

Rejected by BookBub? Look in the mirror and change your marketing ways

The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing


How to sell more books in person and at events

General Marketing and Promoting Tips

Becoming a bestseller

Blogging for authors

Book marketing checklist

Book marketing questions to help you sell more books

Book marketing resource for authors: the best of 2016

Business musings: define your target audience: the intermediate stages

Deconstructing Back Cover Copy

Doing a Goodreads Giveaway

Don’t advertise with Amazon until you’ve read this

Fifteen Instagram book marketing ideas from publishers

Free Amazon book description generator tool

Guide to using MailChimp

How authors can find their ideal reading audience

How I wrote the book description for a famous book

How to actually sell books through advertising

How to build an author page on Amazon Japan

How to get your books into bookstores with Ingram

How to get your book sales moving with FB ads

How to hit the USA Today bestseller list with ad stacking

How to market your book after the new release buzz dies down

How to market your book using content marketing in five easy steps

How to optimize your Amazon Author Central page by Penny Sansevieri on Jane Friedman’s blog.

How to optimize your Facebook author page to sell books

How to (really) make $1,000,000 selling e-books — a lengthy post, but worth the read.

How to use simple psychology and basic common sense to sell more books — Anne R. Allen

How to write a book marketing plan in 13 easy steps

How to write a novel synopsis by Jane Friedman

List of 100+ book promotion sites

Marketing and publishing checklists for authors

Ninety-eight book marketing ideas that can help authors increase sales

Put calls to action in the back of your books

Recommended books and resources on marketing your book — This one’s from Joanna Penn and worth examining. She provides lists of books, podcasts, and tutorials, some of them free.

The best categories for your book sales on Amazon

The least you need to know about search engine optimization

Three basic promotion tools

What authors can post online (without driving away followers)

What’s the best time to publish your book? — Includes tips to boost sales

Why authors need a speaker reel

Writing Taglines

How to Write a Tagline for Your Book

What Makes a Good Book Tagline?

Keywords and SEO

Amazon Categories and Keywords

Amazon Keyword Tool

Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Improving organic sales on Amazon with keywords

Kindle Keywords for Self-Publishers: Should You Use All 50 Characters?

SEO basics: a beginner’s guide


5 ways that playing with pricing can sell more books

Reviews — Tips, Rules, and Etiquette

Mythbusting the Amazon review algorithm

Mythbusting the Amazon review algorithm part II

The secret behind disappearing Amazon reviews

What authors need to know about Amazon’s review rules

Where to get reviews



Pronoun — Publishing platform that provides free tools.

Yasiv — use Yasiv to discover which other books are pointing to your book on Amazon. Enter your book title and your author name into the box, and the search will return a graphic showing the books your book points to and the books that point to yours. NOTE: Yasiv is temporarily unavailable, but keep checking. Hopefully they’ll resolve their technical issues.