Reference material – Tom Benson

Are you Internet-dependent?

I feel that these items provide useful information and inspiration for writers of all levels.

Apart from personal experience and imagination, it’s good to have support, especially if that magical connection to all things (internet) isn’t cooperating.

Road Atlas (UK)

World Atlas, (or a globe)

English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook

Shopping Catalogue

The Writer’s abc Checklist

Zodiac Types

Baby Names

On Writing

Body Language

Yellow Pages or equivalent phonebook.

In my opinion, irrespective of the value of the internet, there is nothing quite like a book at hand. We must always be careful to use more than one or two sources for our research information. Those listed above are a small selection from my favourites.

I am constantly on the lookout for this type of information to add to my shelves.


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