Science-Fiction & Fantasy

Where possible, individual book covers are linked to the author’s amazon sales page.
If you hover your cursor over a cover
there will be an indication of the link at the bottom of your screen. Below each title you’ll see an option to ‘Read A Sample’ of that book. Clicking this will open a new screen for you to preview 15% of that work – enjoy!
As we are an international group, this will allow those browsing the titles to have more than one option for purchase.
Thank you.


By Senan Gil Senan

Senan Gil’s Amazon Author page:



By Paul J. Fleming


By RD Hale (aka Ricky Hale)

RD Hale’s Amazon Author page:


By Nicola McDonagh



By Terry Tumbler (aka Barry Easton)


By Michelle Bryan

Strain of Resistance - Michelle Bryan

Strain of Resistance


By Adam Oster


By S.E. Meyer (aka Scott Meyer)

S.E. Meyer Amazon Author page:



By Jacob Deemer

Jacob Deemer’s Amazon Author page:


By Agnes Jankiewicz


By Andrew Ritchie


By Christine Jayne Vann

Christine Vann’s Amazon Author page:


Dean C. Moore (aka Dean Croke)

Dean C. Moore’s Amazon Author page:


Val Tobin

Val Tobin’s Amazon Author page: 


By Jackie May

Jackie Mae’s Amazon Author page:

A Lifetime To Wait - Jackie Mae.png

A Lifetime To Wait


By Tito Martinez Barberi

Tito Martinez Barberi’s Amazon Author page:


By Bennett Mohler


By R.V. Johnson (aka Rob Johnson)


By Alexis Grove


By Charley Mayhew


E.V. Greig

E.V. Greig’s Amazon Author page:

E.V. Greig’s Facebook Author page:

evgreiguthor Website

The Legend of Graymyrth - An Experimantal High Fantasy - E.V. Greig.png

The Legend Of Graymyrth (Paperback Only)


By Nicholas C. Rossis

Nicholas C. Rossis’ Amazon Author page:

Nicholas C. Rossis’ Blogsite


 By Leslie Watkins

Leslie’s Amazon Author Page


By Ceri Bladen

Ceri’s Amazon Author Page


By Katharine E Hamilton

Visit Katharine’s Amazon Page


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