Where did we come from?
This website and the associated Facebook group were the brainchild of Paul Ruddock aka Echoesofthepen. You can read more about Paul and the other ‘Admins’ in … ‘Meet the Admins’, as you might expect.

Why are we different?
The two entities were created to promote support among like-minded independent writers by way of reading and discussing indie-published books. The group is not insular and thanks to the mutual referencing of indie books from around the world we constantly highlight new authors for our members to check out. We are able to enjoy a friendly atmosphere in our contact with each other, but we retain a professional attitude when beta-reading or critiquing, which is recognised throughout our group.

What is our role?
If you are a reader, but not a writer, you have a direct effect on what we do, both here and on our Facebook platform. From within our membership, we aim to provide books of a standard equal to that which you would expect to find produced by any traditional publishing house. Our prices are also competitive.

We strive to read, provide feedback to authors, interact, discuss, support and generally promote indie authors worldwide.

We as a group are international and have a wide range of skills regarding the craft of writing. In our ranks, we have members with valuable experience of; creative writing in all its formats, editing, proof-reading, cover design, self-publishing, paperback publishing, website maintenance, blogging and a few more areas besides.

Meet the Admins

No, we may not be experts, however when we pull together and pool our ideas – we are strong, and our strength is borne of a desire to share with and provide mutual support amongst our peers.

Whether you be a reader, writer, or both, please note that within this website the spelling conventions may differ due to our international membership.

* Comments, excerpts, and other entries by our membership may come from a number of countries, so please bear in mind with respect, that you could be reading ‘English’ as used in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

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What have we achieved?
– Anthologies.
As a group we have already published an anthology of short stories, You’re Not Alone by Ian D Moore and friends, the proceeds of which are donated to charity on an ongoing basis. ‘You’re Not Alone’, is available from Amazon in eBook format or paperback.

We have since produced another anthology, ‘Holes’ by members of the IASD, the aim of which is to create a marketing platform for the authors involved.

Our most recent venture was to publish Depths of Darkness, a horror anthology in October 2019.

What else do we do?
There is an abundance of writing talent within the group, and it covers a substantial range of genres.
There are always a variety of ideas regarding promotional activity, and it is accepted that not all who write are capable in the area of marketing.

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Fledgeling writers are helped with a wide range of issues affecting their efforts. Rather than damning feedback, a novice in our group might well expect to receive a Private Message on the Facebook system. It may at first feel negative to read that their work is not up to standard, but if highlighted properly, basic issues can be addressed and amended. Our aims include taking novice writers and experienced writers to the next level, whatever it might be.

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Thank you for your visit, and we hope you find something to appeal within our website.

The IASD Admin Team

Indie Author Support And Discussion on Facebook

10 responses to “About

  1. Hello one and all. As part of the restructuring of this fine website I’ve made a few more alterations.
    1. It was with regret, I deleted the many wonderful comments left here to Paul Ruddock, the founder of the IASD group. He has kindly consented to the site being revamped, and as part of the overall restructuring it was necessary to remove the comments from this page.
    2. Anyone familiar with the website will be aware I’ve already rephrased the ‘About’ message, and it now reads more as a ‘mission statement’ for the IASD. I will return to fine-tune the aforementioned message.
    3. I have taken the step of removing the slideshow I set up previously. It was pretty and that was all very well, but it affected performance.
    4. I’ve set up a ‘Meet the Admins’ page at the end of the main menu.

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  2. Hi Tom, I think you have captured us very well. The “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” phrase springs to mind. Those of us less technologically minded really appreciate the admin team. I hope we can make our contributions in other ways…reading and reviewing come to mind! Part of the joy for me has been discovering such excellent writing talent in the group. My Kindle is bursting with new Indie authors. You are right, we don’t have to look far.

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