In the picture – 2

Tom Benson

Tom Benson

Hello again my fellow scribes.

I had a busy day tearing things apart on our site and then rebuilding them.

I’ve reconfigured the menu, as anyone can see, which has tidied it, but this has created a minor issue for classification.

On the topic of genre and sub-genre we could end up with a massive menu again if we’re not careful, so as you will see, there are ‘special’ topics and a miscellaneous genre menu with a host of genre listed there. I’ll try to make this easy to understand.


Glasses and pen

Within the miscellaneous genre I have attached ‘Fantasy‘ to three different genre, because I realise some authors classify their work alongside particular genre.

Horror / Fantasy

Paranormal / Fantasy

Science-Fiction / Fantasy


Crime / Thriller / Suspense / Mystery

Within the miscellaneous genre I’ve split these into two distinct groups:

Crime / Thriller

Suspense / Mystery



I’ve broken this topic into two to give some leeway to authors


Historic Romance


Now, whether or not your confident in all you’ve just read, please take your cursor up to miscellaneous genre, and have a look at the list – which for those of you who are not at home with sub-categories, it might help to understand.

Done that little exercise? Easy, isn’t it.


If you write any of the following you will see a specific header on the menu, so don’t worry about your work.

If you write for any of these topics below – it will be easy for me to see where you belong. On the offchance that you have another genre I’ll have to list you under the multi-genre in the Author Contact menu, so let me know.

Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Adult (Erotic/Steamy Romance), Young Adult, Children, and Poetry.

If on the other hand you are not in that group, you will have to decide where your work belongs within the miscellaneous genre. There are plenty of categories to choose from, however if there a number of authors comment on this post and suggest a category which we might benefit from using – it will be added.

Don’t worry about this for now – I will be contacting every author to allocate categories for each title.


Author Contact (by genre)

The Author Contact menu has no books listed. It is a social contact list so that a reader is able to check out their favourite author by going directly to their website or blog. To be listed, it makes no difference if you’ve written a single book, or a dozen – you should want to be listed in the Author Contact menu.

Why have I listed authors ‘by genre’?

Quite simply I’ve done it by genre because it’s the way most people will search for the author.


A basic explanation of something that appears to be confusing some of our members.

Multi-genre Authors

A multi-genre author is one who writes in various genre, as I do. Therefore in the  which I have my name listed under

Specific-genre Authors

A specific-genre author is one who has so far only produced a book or books of one particular genre. For example, a person who has only written Humour, or Paranormal, or whatever.

Multi-genre books

A multi-genre book, is one which has a primary genre (for example Romance), but is perhaps set in the Middle Ages, so there for Historical Romance. If that same romance features a monk who is seeing another monk in the shadows, and maybe a couple of liberated nuns in the forest, it might be included in the Erotic or Steamy Romance … well, hopefully you’ll get my drift.


Author List

I’m away from my desk today (at my p/time job), so I thought I’d leave a reassurance at the end of such a long post.

I have now listed all of our authors. Considering we’re supposed to have 600+ according to Facebook, the truth might surprise you. Anyway, I’ve listed all authors who are published and listed with us as of today. I am going to ask that we have no additions until this website is complete. You’ll know when it’s all done because there’ll be flashing lights and sirens and all sorts of things going on.

The reason the list is important is because from this evening, I will be sending out messages to a handful of authors at a time to request information about categorising their work – and I don’t want to be coming across names I’ve never seen before. Enough said.

Please don’t worry – I will get to everybody.


If you’ve read all of the above and you’re a bit lost, don’t worry. Please send me a PM on Facebook, and I’ll get you sorted.


I know both Paul and Ian are doing other tasks, and I apologise for taking up so much time with this post, but I believe we need to keep everybody ‘in the picture’. Thank you for your attention, and your patience.


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  1. Well done, Tom. You’ve done and are continuing to do a grand job – its much appreciated, as I know how many other tasks you have on your writer’s to-do list – not to mention your day job (so I won’t!) 🙂

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