Updates on 3D cover image upgrade work

Ian D Moore

Ian D Moore

Happy Friday everyone!! A warm hello to all of our esteemed scribes here in the IASD.

Just a quick update for you on the progress of the cover overhaul. If you go and take a peek into both Literary Fiction and Paranormal/Fantasy sections you’ll see that ALL of the tiles there are now upgraded. This should give you a fair idea of the visual impact difference between the genres yet to be done.

I know that a few among you want to add or include your books in multiple genres – that’s fine but please hold on until the main upgrade work is done so that everyone benefits in the short-term. It is also marginally easier for me if I’ve already made the cover to then add it to another genre. Rest assured, we will get to that in due course.

Just one quick note on unpublished works. I’m loathe to do covers for ANY unpublished work until AFTER it has been published. I, for one, have several experimental covers on my hard drive for books that aren’t yet written as I’m sure we all do. The site is open to public access and I don’t want to be giving them books that they can’t actually go and buy – hence the reason for declining to add unpublished covers of books ‘soon to be published’. It isn’t personal. Get back to me when your book has an Amazon link and I’ll happily generate a cover and add the links for you all.

On a more positive note, go take a look at the covers and see what you think. There are still some minor spacing issues to iron out and those will also be addressed in due time. That’s all from me, any problems, do give me a yell.

4 responses to “Updates on 3D cover image upgrade work

    • Thanks Lesley xx It’s coming along now, I think it makes the site look so much more professional and appealing, hopefully helping us to rise above the myriad of similar book sites out there :). Your covers were beautiful to work with, by the way.


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